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Daniel Vavara’s response to a recent polygon article


ayy I recognize this guy!


Stealing and using other cultures is cultural appropriation, which is bad according to tumblr

Sticking to your own culture is racist, which is clearly bad.

Enforcing your cultural values on other cultures is cultural imperialism, and that is extra bad

But if you’re white or male and dare to write for another culture or sex, but don’t make them the best and most interesting character who is absolutely flawless, then that’s going to get twitter to eat you alive

But if you just stick to writing straight white guys (write what you know) you’ll get yelled at anyways..

Unfortunately, even if you do create a perfect balancing act that should please all these angry people yelling at you, it won’t fucking matter because they were never your customers in the first place, and the people who were interested in your game are now feeling alienated, because you ditched your artistic integrity and creative vision to try and pander to a bunch of whiny brats.

And if you can somehow please everyone… It won’t impact your sales at all, because the whiners never intended to buy your game in the first place and they were never as numerous as they seemed.

So the only winning move is not to play their mind games. Ignore the SJW shit and stick to your own vision.

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